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    Sean Potter

We LOVE our Customers

       This beautiful tuesday morning we wanted to give a shout out to some of our customers! We love that you love our products, so to give a special thanks we are giving a couple of you a shout out. Here are a few of the customers who spent some time with us this past weekend at a local show in San Diego. 

       The first couple photos are of sisters who spent awhile at our shop just chatting, and having a good time. We appreciate the time you took to look over all of the product we offer and enjoyed your company! We hope to see you at many more festivals! 


       They are both rocking our elf cuff product. We love how they made it their own by only wearing one, and on the other ear they have their own dangly earring. 


        While this next group of ladies were awesome to hang out with and talk to as well. You can really see they have a flare for fashion. Two of the women are wearing crowns, while the middle lady is wearing out ponytail wraps with charms at the end. We just adore the personal touches each of these friends put on our product! 

      Here is a closer look at the ponytail wraps: 

    We are looking forward to meeting many more future customers and friends! Come out to one of the shows and tell us what your favorite piece is. We just might blog about you!

Peace, Love, and Good Vibes, from Medieval Metal 

  • Post author
    Sean Potter