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Steam Punk

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    There are many different "themes" when dressing for a renaissance faire. Many think of the knight in shining armor that saves the damsel in distress dressed in elegant embroidered robes. But there are far more costumes and "themes" than the traditional renaissance ones. In todays blog post we are going to tell you about a theme that originated in the victorian era and has evolved and taken shape into something fun and eye catching. 

      So now that we have thoroughly peaked your interest on the subject of steam punk I'm sure you all are very curious to see the end results of a steam punk themed outfit or piece of jewelry. Well you just happen to be in luck my friends! We have 4 different steam punk themed elf cuffs that we sell on our website. Below are some photos of them: 

      These would make excellent additions to any steam punk outfit. While most cosplayers have the utility belts, the goggles, and the necklaces all in the steam punk style, we are one of the only companies that make elf cuffs in this unique style. This is a must have if you are looking to have an edge to your costume. So scroll on over to our elf cuff page and get yourself a pair of steam punk elf cuffs now! 

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