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Happy Friday!

  We are super excited to tell you about an event coming up this weekend. This weekend at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival they will be having a Fantasy theme where you can dress up and enter a costume contest. Adults and children are welcome to enter! If your costume is the most epic you can win a prize. Below are a few photos of some rad costumes that past patrons have worn: 


     These women chose two separate themes, one a more mythical creature with horns, and make-up to match that fantasy theme. While the other chose an outfit that closely resembles a female knight. Both are awesome, and just imagine what your outfit can look like if you add a couple of pieces of our products! 

    As for these men, one resembles a knight with all of his shiny armor and sword. While the other has the uncanny resemblance of a viking with his pet eagle, long robes, and fur. 

    And lets not forget about the children costumes! Here is a little wood nymph with long red hair, twigs, and leaves adoring her outfit she blends right into the forest. So we hope to see you all decked out in your fantasy glory this weekend! 

     Peace, Love and Good Vibes from Medieval Metal 

  • Post author
    Sean Potter