Hair Twisters

Ponytail Wrap Silver - 12 Inch Ponytail Holder

$ 35.00

Hair Twisters

Ponytail Wrap Silver - 12 Inch Ponytail Holder

$ 35.00

If you have long hair, this Ponytail Wrap Silver - 12 Inch is a must have! This handy hair accessory is great for keeping your hair from tangling in the wind, and dressing up your ponytail when the temperatures rise. The lightweight metal is durable, and it won’t weigh your hair down. The shiny silver spiral is held securely in place by a hook that you can attach to any hair tie, and the metal coil is so easy to wrap around your ponytail that you can do it yourself without a mirror. You can choose either a small, medium, or large diameter for a custom fit to your hair’s thickness. The small size is made for thin hair, the medium (our most popular size) is made for average hair, and the large size is for thick hair.

Style Tip: Our Large Charms are custom made to fit the metal loop at the bottom of the ponytail wrap. Pick a different charm for every day of the week!


* Each Ponytail Wrap comes with one black ouchless elastic hair tie.

* Hair Hooks and Charms sold separately


*Measurements shown are from the top of the ponytail wrap. Diameter decreases down the metal coil for a snug fit.

Small - .5" diameter, 12" long

Medium - 1" diameter, 12" long

Large - 1.5" diameter, 12" long


Small=27 grams

Medium=41 grams

Large=48 grams

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