Hair Twisters

Ponytail Wrap Gun Black - 6" Ponytail Holder

$ 25.00

Hair Twisters

Ponytail Wrap Gun Black - 6" Ponytail Holder

$ 25.00

Tired of the same old plain ponytail? Now you can dress it up with this Ponytail Wrap Gun Black – 6 Inch. The shiny Gun Black Metal is a subtle hair decoration for darker hair, and a striking contrast to light colored hair. The metal is so lightweight that you won’t even know you are wearing a hair accessory! The metal spiral is easy to wrap around your own hair, and the hook at the top ensures a secure fit onto any hair tie. Customize your fit based on the thickness of your hair. The small size is great for thin hair, the medium is made for average hair (our most popular size), and the large size will fit around even the thickest of hair.

Style Tip: Attach a gun black Hair Hook to cover the hair tie, and a matching large charm to the loop at the bottom of the 6 Inch Gun Black Ponytail Wrap to add a fun hair accent.


*Each Ponytail Wrap comes with one black ouchless elastic hair tie.

*Hair Hooks and Large Charms Sold Separately


*Measurements shown are from the top of the ponytail wrap. Diameter decreases down the metal coil for a snug fit.

Small - .5" diameter, 6" long

Medium - 1" diameter, 6" long

Large - 1.5" diameter, 6" long


Small=13 grams, Medium=19 grams, Large=23 grams

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