Hair Twisters

Hair Armor Triangle - Silver Ponytail Holder

$ 35.00

Hair Twisters

Hair Armor Triangle - Silver Ponytail Holder

$ 35.00

There’s something about the uniqueness of Celtic artwork, it’s oneness for nature and creativity that’s unmatched even today. Our Triangle Ponytail Holder shows that uniqueness with a one of a kind piece of Celtic craftsmanship contained within a simple triangle that works as a frame in order to showcase the artistic silver crafting. It is the ideal piece of jewelry to decorate anyone’s hair.   
This Triangle Styled Ponytail Holder is an amazing addition to anyone who has a penchant for dressing up their ponytail. Whether you’re a man or woman, a biker or a renaissance faire lover, you’re sure to appreciate having our classic holder on your ponytail. Best of all, all pieces in our Hair Armor series are a true one size fits all. Using three loops that you add your own elastic bands to, you can be sure that your Hair Armor will fit securely around your ponytail.

Style Tips:  Try Hair Armor in a regular pulled back ponytail or in a braid. Endless Fun!


* Weight: 31.7 grams

* Dimensions: .25" x 5" x 1.5"

* On backside of Hair Armor, 3 hooks are strategically placed to hook onto elastic bands.

* This hair armor comes with three ouchless black elastics that the Hair Armor easily attaches to.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
granddaughters favorite

i bought one of these at the festival in Texas an brought home to my nine year old girly girl tomboy granddaughter.She loved it,and even thru the head stands and cart wheels it didn't come out.I had a charm added too it also,a fairy that made it thru the test .

Love it

I have worn mine almost every day since I got it! It has even withstood my kids playing with it and it still looks brand new!

Brenda Maxwell
Awesome hair piece

I have found this easy to use while making it look like I put a lot of work into doing my hair. I have gotten positive comments on it every time I wear it.

Veronica Wilson
LOVE mine!

I actually bought mine at BARF from Dolly - it was the only one like it in the Gun Metal. Against my blond hair, it POPS! Have people stop me in the street asking where I got it and I tell them about the website as well as the only dealer in St Augustine (or used to be). My hair is very baby-fine so curling it won't hold in Florida humidity, my hair tangles so just wearing a ponytail is boring! This is soooooo pretty and I feel girly yet strong (I am Scottish and descendant of Vikings) and it pays tribute to my heritage! I have the Dragon with the shiny silver ball as the charm on it - SQUEEEE!!!

Melody Ellis
very nice

I have wanted this item since its first appearance on the website. It is everything I expected save one thing: I wish it was longer. I have very very thick hair and i work in the food and beverage industry. Unless I straighten my hair, I wouldn't be allowed to wear my hair amour by itself without extra braids, ties, etc. It tapers in size which is nice but again, longer would suit me and make my review a full 5 stars. It really is striking!