Medieval Metal

Finger Bracelet Silver - Butterfly

$ 25.00

Medieval Metal

Finger Bracelet Silver - Butterfly

$ 25.00

Nothing in all of nature shows the uncertain, but beautiful possibilities of the future quite like the butterfly. From a boring, tired caterpillar to a mesmerizing queen of the sky, the butterfly shows that, no matter where we are at our current stage in life, we are more than capable of growing and taking flight upon a pair of vibrant wings.
Now you can show your capability for change, and your true beauty, with a classic addition in our finger bracelet line of jewelry. This butterfly piece takes our standard finger bracelet layout and makes the iconic insect the centerpiece, with its majestic wings fully outstretched. To add a dose of color, as any butterfly jewelry should have, the beads that adorn the bracelet come in a variety of colors of your choice, so you can make sure the bracelet is not only vibrant, but customized for you. With an adjustable link chain, even the size of the bracelet is a one size fits all, so the bracelet is yours and yours alone.

Style Tip: Wear Finger Bracelet on center finger and over your wrist.  Looks great worn as a pair, one on each hand for the true gypsy lifestyle!


* Fully adjustable

* One size fits all, just clasp to any link

* Metal: Brass Base

* Stone: Glass Bead

* Color: Silver Tone

* Weight: 12.4 grams 

* Measures: 5" 

* Length: 7 1/2"


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