Hair Twisters

Original Ponytail Wrap Patterned - 12" Light Gold with Lobster Clasp

$ 35.00

Hair Twisters

Original Ponytail Wrap Patterned - 12" Light Gold with Lobster Clasp

$ 35.00

Welcome to a blast from the past here with our original ponytail wrap design! Plus, this model has a special twist with an added patterned design imprinted along the length of the twist putting a lovely flourish on for those with an eye for that extra touch! This is the "Light Gold" version of this design, which is a brighter gold than the "dark gold" with an oxidized finish.

So what's different? This is our original ponytail wrap design so the clasp is what changed. We switched this lobster clasp with an easily maneuvered hook on our newer models, they are easier to use, but these still work too.

Application is relatively the same as our new ponytail wrap design, but the clasp can take a little more playing with to fasten correctly on your hair tie. If you feel up to the extra skill, once it's there it's not going anywhere! So this is a great choice for those with an extra zest for life and need a ponytail wrap that can keep up with them and stay put during more extreme activities. It's a great way to protect your hair from tangles!
Simply use the attached clasp to fasten the ponytail wrap to any hair tie, and you will feel secure knowing that your hairstyle will stay in place all day long!
We have two different diameters left in this design, medium and Large. Choose the medium size for average hair thickness (our most popular size), or the large size for thick hair. If you have medium length hair this 12 Inch should be the hair accessory of choice for you.

Style Tip: Attach a gold Hair Hook to cover the hair tie, and a matching charm to the loop at the bottom of the 12 Inch Gold Ponytail Wrap to add a fun hair accent.

Color: Light Gold 


*Each Ponytail Wrap comes with one black ouchless elastic hair tie.

*Hair Hooks and Large Charms Sold Separately


*Measurements shown are from the top of the ponytail wrap. Diameter decreases down the metal coil for a snug fit.
Medium - 1" diameter, 12" long

Large - 1.5" diameter, 12" long


Medium= 47 grams, Large= 50 grams

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