Hair Twisters

Hair Hook Gecko - Silver, Ponytail Holder

$ 20.00

Hair Twisters

Hair Hook Gecko - Silver, Ponytail Holder

$ 20.00

Dress your hair in style with hair accessories that add glamor to your hair. This simple but unique hair hook - the gecko ponytail hair holder is designed to give your hair the shine that it deserves. It is designed in such a delicate manner that enables it to hook your hair elastic securely and helps to keep the ponytail firmly in place. The ponytail holder's shape is exactly like that of a gecko.

It features an eye that is faux diamond that gives your hair a unique sparkle. The slender design of the hair hook helps keep it firmly on your hair elastic. The silver color of the hair hook makes it breath taking and suitable for casual and formal occasions. 

Treat your hair to the best of hair accessory that money can buy. Get this unique hair hook gecko that will not only give you the glamor and sparkle but will also make you stand out wherever you appear.

Style Tip: Try the Hair Hook with a Ponytail Wrap and matching charm to create a unique set

Product Details:

* One size fits all

* Each Hair Hook comes with one black ouchless elastic hair tie.

* Weight 13.5 grams

* Dimensions 1.25" W x 2.25" H

* Metal: Silver overlay on Brass

* Color: Silver


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