Georgia Renaissance Festival


   Hope everyones thursday is going as well as ours! We have some exciting news to bring to you today. The Georgia Renaissance Festival is starting this weekend! And we will be having a booth set up! Who better to describe the Georgia Renaissance Festival than the owners of this event. "The Georgia Renaissance Festival is an interactive art and entertainment festival held each spring combining outdoor theater, circus-style entertainment, and an arts and craft market place, all set inside our recreated 16th-Century European village."


    That being said here are a couple of rad photos to show you what type of things to expect if you are to venture to the festival. Below is a photo of three knights riding on their horses before the jousting tournament begins. Each knight wears his towns color to represent himself for his people. You can watch from the sidelines as a pair of knights go head to head in this dangerous sport. 



      There are also less barbaric things to enjoy. There are many booths set up that sell clothing, food, and accessories. We will be among the craftsmen selling our unique pieces. Below is a photo of a woman who has transformed herself from a simple maid to one of the loveliest creatures we have yet to see. 

    So there's a little bit of everything for everyone! Come over and check out the Georgia Renaissance Festival this weekend! The dates are from 4/18 thru 6/07 and we will be there every weekend. Come by and say hi!

-peace, love, & good vibes from Medieval Metal 

What to wear: Coachella 2015 edition


        Having trouble trying to figure out how to accessories your outfit for Coachella 2015? No worries, we have you covered. Here's a little inspiration from last years Coachella outfits: 


         Vanessa Hudgens, shows off her hippie inspired outfits, filled with lace, crochet, bold make-up, and tons of accessories. Her accessories range from flash tattoos, layers of necklaces, rings adorning all digits, stacks of bracelets, and even thigh jewelry. And lets not forget her hair even has flowers crowing her head, or feathers peaking out of her ponytail. 

So here's a list of items you will need to make sure you are Coachella ready: 

1.) Finger Bracelets

2.) Layering necklaces

3.) Crowns

4.) Rings

6.) Anklets

5.) Misc. hair accessories 

     Below are a few pieces of our products done to make you look like the music loving hippie you are. Check out our website for the items listed above that you're going to want to wear. 

      And when your weekend of music loving comes to an end, you can wear these pieces over and over again. They're not limited to one weekend of fun, but rather a whole summer of endless travels, beach time, and relaxing. Here's a perfect way to wear a couple of our anklets. By layering them you can set yourself apart. 


Hope this helps on your journey into the valley of good vibes

-Piece & Love from medieval metal 

2nd weekend of Scarborough Renaissance Festival April 11 & 12, 2015. Royal Ale Festival weekend

Come check us out at the festival!


This weekend is Royal Ale Festival. Here are the details:

April 11 & 12: Royal Ale Festival

Bring your friends and enjoy tastings of assorted beer along with a variety of entertainment!

  • - Royal Ale Festival Event Information:
    • o Each day from 1:00pm—3:00pm in the Crown Pavilion
    • o Tickets are $10 per person and may be purchased online before the tasting.
  • - Turkey Leg Eating Contest
    • o Think you can be the first person to finish a Giant Turkey Leg? Register to compete at the Front Gate upon your arrival.
      • The contest will be held at the Captain’s Pub at 3:00pm both days